Buying the FarmNew Book:

Buying the Farm
Peace and War on a Sixties Commune

By Tom Fels
Foreword by Daniel Aaron
University of Massachusetts Press

The long, winding history of a countercultural commune. This book tells the story of Montague Farm, an early back-to-the land communal experiment in western Massachusetts, from its beginning in 1968 through the following thirty-five years of its surprisingly long life.
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Farm ReunionMeeting in Barn, Montague Farm reunion, 1993

The web site was developed to handle some of the tasks not appropriate to the more complete farm archive web site at the University of Massachusetts, which is currently located at: .

The present web site gives a brief background of the farm group, and refers those interested to the archive and web site at the University of Massachusetts, where there is a considerable amount of information on the farms, their members, and their lives. also provides pages for news, events, and discussion, as well as electronic archives of recent programs and other material related to the farms and their extended family. TheĀ news archive currently contains material on the four recent annual fall symposia on social change at the University of Massachusetts from 2005 to 2008, as well as other farm-related news. Any of these posts will accept comments from readers.

Farm Friends, Tom Fels, 2008Tom Fels / The Rural Science Institute

The remaining section of is the web site for Tom Fels, the founder of the Famous Long Ago Archive and, including the related Rural Science Institute, which undertakes publishing and other projects related to the farms and their era, and Blue Rider Exhibitions, focused on curatorial work and the arts. This section features information on the biography, exhibitions, publications, and other work of Tom Fels, including his books, Buying the Farm and “Farm Friends”.